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In the context of this guide, workstreams are the focus areas or projects within an Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) framework.

Many ICAM workstreams overlap with various divisions existing responsibilities. To promote the successful execution of your agency ICAM initiatives, divide and assign each workstream to employees already actively involved in a related area. Each workstream requires a task lead who manages the day-to-day activities of the workstream and provides the ICAM Program Management Office (PMO) with critical information about planning, development, deployment, and operations.

Thoughtful workstreams lead to the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced efficiency.
  • Streamlined overhead costs.
  • Minimized redundancy of ICAM-related processes.
  • Closer alignment with architecture and technical standards.
  • Better communication and cooperation between interrelated programs.
  • Consistent messaging to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Increased timeliness and accuracy of reporting.
  • Greater agency-wide adoption.
  • Reduced confusion and risk.

The following sections include descriptions of ICAM workstreams and responsibilities:

See the Agency Example section for a graphic depicting a sample ICAM program’s administrative workstreams.

Administrative Workstreams

Each administrative workstream is responsible for ICAM governance and both intra-agency and inter-agency communication.

Outreach & Communications Program Communications Plan development and execution, including:

• Defining communication message types, media, target audience, and timing.

• Communicating ICAM program concepts, activities, and progress to promote support for the implementation of improved ICAM capabilities.

You should align with existing agency communication policies and leverage existing resources, if available, such as Business Relationship Managers.
Policy Agency enterprise policy and standard operating procedure development and finalization.
Budget Agency enterprise budget development, management, monitoring, and reporting. The Budget Workstream works closely with the agency’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer during the budget development and submission cycles.
Performance Management Agency enterprise performance and metrics tracking, management, and reporting.

Project Workstreams

Each project workstream is responsible for ICAM processes and systems related to various components.

Identity Management Digital identity data management. This includes modernizing the management of digital identities, such as HR modernization or enterprise identity management systems.
Credential Management Credential lifecycle management activities. You may identify separate workstreams for various credential communities of interest, including agency Personal Identity Verification (PIV) and local facility access credentials, or public users.
Physical Access Physical access control activities. This includes modernization efforts and security priorities in accordance with Interagency Security Committee (ISC) initiatives.
Logical Access Logical access control activities. This includes authorization approaches for networks and major and minor applications, provisioning of accounts, determining identity assurance requirements, and determining authentication assurance requirements and related technologies or services in use.

Agency Example

The following image depicts a series of ICAM administrative workstreams, adapted from the Department of Health and Human Services.

ICAM Governance Responsibilities.

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