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Communication Plan

A communication plan outlines an Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) program’s objectives, goals, themes, and approach. You should create a communication plan early in the lifecycle to communicate consistently and effectively with users and stakeholders.

The following table includes a summary of some common communication activities you should prioritize in your program.

Communication Description
Target Audience
Delivery Media
Educational resources for stakeholders and users Various stakeholder groups Website, collaboration portal
Ad hoc updates for system rollout events and changes User population Email, newsletter bulletin
Leadership briefing highlighting objectives and status Agency leadership Slide presentation, meeting
Messages from leadership ICAM implementers Memo, email
Awareness materials explaining workstream features and milestones User population Social media, videos, brochures, posters
Lessons-learned workshops ICAM implementers Meeting, teleconference, webinar
Large-scale gathering (agency ICAM conference or all-hands) ICAM implementers, User population Meeting, teleconference, webinar

You should tailor the messages and delivery methods to the stakeholders. The goals of this plan include informing and involving stakeholders by providing regular and well-structured communications, fostering and maintaining stakeholder support, and reducing risk.

Lesson Learned

Communicate changes that impact users early and often and across multiple messaging vehicles.

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