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Introduction to PIV Engineering Guides

PIV Engineering Guides are for engineers configuring agency infrastructure, servers, and enterprise applications for authentication. The guides are focused on U.S. federal government implementations.

Are you trying to solve a problem?

Your colleagues have likely encountered or solved the same problem. Engineering guides exist across government. This site's purpose is to organize tips from agency engineers, help link to .gov or .mil information available, and provide a common site for collaboration.

You can find additional guides across agency websites by using a few simple methods:

  1. Search on the Internet: include the server or application or topic and add “+PIV +CAC”
  2. Search on the Internet: include the server or application or topic and add “+x509”
  3. Search on requires you to log in. Try searching for the topic or guide.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, open an Issue. We can help look through the archives of guides that haven’t been posted yet or help you send a request to the government listserves.

Application integrations using federation protocols

We will be migrating the application integration patterns from the Federal ICAM Roadmap and working group documentation—including the use of Security Assertion Markup Language and Open ID Connect—to a set of guides soon!

Your contributions are encouraged and welcome! You can contribute to this effort or open an Issue to discuss a need you may have for a guide.

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