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Physical Access Control System Guide Introduction

The Physical Access Control System (PACS) Guides will help you understand concepts related to Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management-compliant PACSs. At a high level, a PACS is a collection of technologies that control physical access at one or more federal agency sites by electronically authenticating employees, contractors, and visitors.

The contents of these guides are meant to be informative and do not serve as the basis for determining PACS compliance. Agency-specific guidance should supersede the recommendations within these guides, where appropriate.


We want to thank the Secure Technology Alliance, especially the members of the Access Control Council, for contributions to the PACS Guides and permission to reuse content from their presentations and the How to Plan, Procure and Deploy a pacs-Enabled Physical Access Control System webinar training.

Lets get started with What Is a PACS, which describes physical access control system components and compliance.

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