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FICAM Guides

A guide includes information on various topics and aimed to assist your agency in operating, maintinaing, and modernizing your identity systems.

Title Description
FICAM Architecture Guide The FICAM Architecture guide is a framework for an agency to use in ICAM program and solution roadmap planning. The FICAM Architecture focuses on enterprise identity processes, practices, policies and information security disciplines.
FICAM Program Management Guide The FICAM Program Management Guide explains how to plan and implement an Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Program as outlined in the FICAM Architecture Guide.
Federal Public Key Infrastructure Guide The Federal Public Key Infrastructure Guide is inteneded to help you understand and use the Federal PKI.
Personal Identity Verification Guide The Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Guide is intended to help you implement common PIV configurations at your Agency.
Physical Access Control Systems Guide The Physical Access Control System (PACS) Guide will help you understand concepts related to Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management-compliant PACSs.

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