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Federal PKI Activity Report

Updated: October 4, 2021

This report provides a technical and policy compliance status for each Federal Public Key Infrastructure (FPKI) Affiliate.

Resolve issues by contacting one of the teams:

Federal Agency and Affiliate PKI Status Summary

The operational status for each Federal Agency or affiliate connected to the Federal Common Policy CA (FCPCA) or the Federal Bridge CA (FBCA) is summarized below. The overall operational status identifies issues that affect technical interoperability and non-compliance with applicable Certificate Policies (CP). The status is not used for any other purpose such as ranking or rating.

Federal Agency or Affiliate PKI FPKIMA CA Status
CertiPath Bridge FBCA No Issues
Department of Defense FBCA No Issues
DigiCert/Symantec NFI FBCA No Issues
Entrust Managed Services NFI FBCA No Issues
Exostar NFI FBCA No Issues
Government Printing Office FBCA No Issues
IdenTrust NFI FBCA No Issues
WidePoint/ORC NFI FBCA No Issues
SAFE Identity Bridge FBCA No Issues
STRAC Bridge FBCA No Issues
TSCP Bridge FBCA No Issues
US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) FBCA No Issues
Department of State FCPCA No Issues
DigiCert/Symantec/Verisign SSP FCPCA No Issues
Entrust Managed Services SSP FCPCA No Issues
WidePoint/ORC SSP FCPCA No Issues
Department of the Treasury FCPCA No Issues
Verizon Business SSP FCPCA No Issues

FPKIMA Certificate Activity

The activity listed in this section is limited to the certificates issued BY or TO the Federal Bridge or Federal Common Policy CA.

The following certificates were issued or published to the FPKI Trust Infrastructure in the last 30 days.

Affiliate Subject CA Issuing CA Serial # & SHA-1 Hash Issued Date

The following certificates were removed from the FPKI Trust Infrastructure in the last 30 days.

Affiliate Subject CA Issuing CA Serial # & SHA-1 Hash Expiration Date Action

The following certificates are planned for a certificate action in the near future, dates to be determined based on availability.

Affiliate Subject CA Issuing CA Serial # & SHA-1 Hash Expiration Date Action
FPKIMA Entrust Managed Services NFI Root CA Federal Bridge CA Serial: 178c7357fae941b2a242f0d219fd0fef1560787e Hash:d45ccedd462a2e2718627eeb6e013fc0a0dc6940 10/29/23 Renew

Repository Availability

Repository availability is an uptime metric for Certificate Revocation List availability, based on monitoring by the FPKIMA. The table only contains Certification Authorities directly signed by the Federal Common Policy Root CA, Federal Common Policy Root G2 or Federal Bridge CA G4. A metric of “99” in the table below means the Certificate Revocation List was available for 99% of the given month, in other words, the file was not available for 1% of the month. The last column is the 12-month average.

Federal Agency or Affiliate CA FPKIMA CA Last 30 days Average
CertiPath Bridge CA - G3 FBCA 100 100
DigiCert Federated ID L3 CA FBCA 100 100
DoD Interoperability Root CA 2 FBCA 100 99.91
Entrust Managed Services NFI Root CA FBCA 100 100
Exostar Federated Identity Service Root CA FBCA 100 99.99
Federal Bridge CA G4 FBCA 100 100
GPO PCA FBCA 100 99.95
IdenTrust Global Common Root CA 1 FBCA 100 99.87
SAFE Identity Bridge CA FBCA 100 99.94
STRAC Bridge Root Certification Authority FBCA 99.96 99.97
Symantec Class 3 SSP Intermediate CA - G3 FBCA 100 99.99
TSCP SHA256 Bridge CA FBCA 100 97.85
WidePoint NFI Root 2 FBCA 100 100
DigiCert SSP CA - G5 FCPCA 100 99.10
Entrust Managed Services Root CA FCPCA 100 100
Federal Common Policy CA FCPCA 100 100
Federal Common Policy CA G2 FCPCA 100 100
ORC SSP 4 FCPCA 100 100
Symantec SSP Intermediate CA - G4 FCPCA 100 98.71
U.S. Department of State AD Root CA FCPCA 98.19 99.85
US Treasury Root CA FCPCA 100 100
Verizon SSP CA A2 FCPCA 100 99.96